Real Analysis Textbook

As an undergraduate, I wrote a textbook for Real/Modern Analysis to complement my studying of the subject.  My goal with the text was to present the subject more intuitively and more visually than is usually embraced by the formal texts.   The book and corresponding code are available for download below.


Tufte Book Style

The format of the book is modeled after Edward Tufte's designs for his books, particularly Beautiful Evidence.  It was created using the Tufte LaTeX document class which can be downloaded here

The hallmarks of the Tufte's books include wide margins and extensive formatting for figures and tables which, in addition to being aesthetically beautiful, are also well-suited to the study of Analysis with ample room for side notes and small figures.

Visualizations & diagrams

To complement the material, the text is filled with number line and geometric diagrams which attempt to elucidate concepts.  I have found that the study of Analysis is extremely visual and that concrete examples make the theorems much easier to understand and internalize.  

Get the code

The LaTeX file for the textbook is available on Github (link here).            The Tufte LaTeX document class can be downloaded here

Get the book

The content of this textbook is based almost entirely on Walter Rudin's Principles of Mathematical Analysis.  The book is available on Amazon here.  Beware: this book is not intended for the faint of mathematical heart.

Contact me

Please contact me with questions, suggestions and comments.   I heartily welcome contributions.  You can reach me at any of the links below.


Many thanks to my professors and classmates at Columbia for introducing me to the subject of mathematical analysis. Of course, my notes are not a faithful representation of my courses; in particular, the errors are entirely my own.  Similarly, any virtues of the text are to be credited to my lecturers and peers.

Walter Rudin for writing the original text on which this book is based

Tufte-LaTeX Developers for creating this brilliant document class

Edward Tufte for his contributions to the field of data and quantitative visualization